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The Town of Eaton, Colorado engenders innovation, history, and industry.  Eaton is named after the fourth governor of Colorado, Benjamin Harrison Eaton, who was a pioneer of irrigation who played a leading role in transforming the arid prairie of the Front Range into a thriving agricultural region with water brought from the nearby mountains in the late 19th century.   Today Eaton is the center of support and services for surrounding farms and families.  Much of the town’s business and industry is related to agriculture. 

Eaton is also a center of the energy boom.  The Eaton Industrial Rail Yard is a hub for transporting materials used in the production of oil and natural gas, in addition to moving agricultural products, and manufacturing and construction materials on the Union Pacific Railroad.

The center of Eaton is located at the crossroads of State Highway 85, and E. Collins Street, which is a continuation east from Harmony Road at Interstate 25 Exit 265.  It will be no surprise when the Town of Eaton becomes a regional business center, as economic growth in Northern Colorado continues.